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WTF is Racism

My definition of racism may be different than yours and that’s okay. What is NOT okay is to judge my statements by your definition. 

I find one of the easier ways to define racism is to start with what it is not first.

Racism is NOT prejudice 

  • Prejudice is feelings or opinions not based in facts about a group of people

 Racism is NOT bigotry

  • Bigotry is intolerance or hatred for people who are different than you or hold different opinions

RECAP: Racism is not about your feelings, intolerance, or hatred for others. While there is racial prejudice and racial bigotry but they are not racism.

So wtf is Racism then: 

Racism is about discrimination, privilege, power, and difference.

Image Source: Facebook user Emanu

Racism is a system of power that privileges white folks and discriminates against people of color because of perceived racial difference 

  • The key here is white folks power comes from 500+ years of Europeans systematic discrimination of people of color

Bonus Question: Why is there no such thing as reverse racism?


People of color do not have a system of power that works in their favor against white people.