Racial capitalism is at the center of the work I do as an academic, organizer, and freedom dreamer working towards the path of decolonization and abolition. I believe we must work on multiple fronts to make racial justice a reality. I educate, organize, and fellowship in order to democratize the knowledge I hold from 28 years of blacqueerfemme life, ten years of education, and a few years of campus and community organizing. I am increasingly uncomfortable with how we are just expected to understand race, racism, racial justice, racial capitalism, and imperialist white supremacist heteropatriarchy by observation and osmosis. My goal is to democratize this knowledge for educators, students, organizers, and community groups.

(Check out the WTF Is that page if you are like huh?)

Additionally, I do community organizing and non-profit work within Athens for Everyone, the United Campus Workers of GA, and the Coalition for Recognition and Redress. These organizations work together to create a space to educate and develop community members looking to become involved in leftist organizing/organizations working to out snuff racism in our city. Our mission is to create racial, social, and economic justice in the city of Athens supporting community of color-based organizations with research, material, and logistical support while supporting progressive policies and political candidates. To spread the building blocks of racial justice even further, I provide educational workshops and non-profit consultation to classrooms and community groups on race, white supremacy, and racial equity.

Finally, I am a creative writer of short stories and poetry and I'm always looking for an invite to the next spoken word event or someone to collaborate with.

You can contact me at blacqueerfemme@gmail.com if you would like to book me for a speaking event or consultation. You can find my commentary on everything under the sun on my fb page Abolition is for Everyone or my twitter @burnedsapphire.
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