I do community organizing and non-profit work as the 2019 President of Athens for Everyone. This organization works to create a space to educate and develop community members looking to become involved in leftist organizing/organizations. Our mission is to create racial, social, and economic justice in the city of Athens supporting community of color-based organizations with research, material, and logistical support while supporting progressive policies and political candidates. I have spearheaded the move of this organization from leftist to abolitionist. 

To spread the building blocks of racial justice even further, I provide educational workshops and non-profit consultation to classrooms and community groups on race, white supremacy, and racial equity. I have given talks at multiple conferences in town on racial justice and host workshops for organizations on the building blocks of racial justice.

I am also a founding member of the Coalition for Recognition and Redress. We shook up the city of Athens in the spring of 2019 and pushed the university to recognize its history of slavery, provide scholarships for Black students, and pay workers $15. The university provided faculty with 100,000 to study the history of slavery because of our activism. But there is more to come. Contact me to get involved.